Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rodarte Time Machine

I have a full understanding that I am literally two months late in mentioning the Spring 2011 Rodarte show, but I didn't necessarily want to talk about that anyway. Afterall, I'm not a fashion editor and my opinions regarding the sisters is inconsequential...if you want opinions on fashion shows I think you have to read 14 year olds' blogs. Nevertheless, I felt excited about the prospect of digging into my closet and mirroring the vision expressed by the Mulleavy's which was quite obviously inspired by wood. Redwood forests to be exact.


The two runway photos exemplify the extremely derivative nature of the designers' inspiration in the literal wood paneling of the "man repeller" skirt and the shoulderless dress. Did I just pun? Nature? The wood? Nature. I did.


Michael Kors currently has his discounted version of women metamorphizing into the Tree of Knowledge at the Outnet for anyone dying to get Biblical..or natural. To be natural women. I kid, I'm still considering buying this if only I wasn't getting letters from my University threatening to break my legs unless I pay the balance on my Fall Grad semester. Oh, and if I hadn't made a blood oath to myself that I'm not allowed to buy anymore de-sexualizing novelty prints for 56 years. God I love novelty prints.
I unearthed this lovely beige moire vintage dress from the 1950s in my vintage closet, and since I can't take a photo with my regular camera (because only a ghost knows where the battery is for it) I've used the telly. The picture is atrocious. It's just the proof that I did indeed succeed in appreciating something that I already own as opposed to making rotten decisions about spending money and what is considered art and beauty and uselessness.

The close-up of the moire fabric further demonstrates the lovely texture that so closely replicates wood grain, and consequently is one of my favorite vintage fabrics besides velvet. Absolutely darling. If I had all the time in the world to "curate" items like certain rich white girls I would have a closet dedicated to this fabric, but alas, I'll have to be happy with what I've got. Amen to that.

When were these Miu Miu shoes from? 2006? I don't know and I'm too lazy to search because once again it doesn't really matter as they're being worn as the final touch to the Rodarte collaboration in my mind. Although do note the nod to wood as it is featured via the floor of my apartment. It would be terribly clever if it hadn't been done entirely on accident. Anyway, the carved wood is legendary and apparently the sisters appropriated the concept for their own Nicholas Kirkwood platforms that "fashion bloggers" will soon be showing off more than Miu Miu cat/swallow/daisy prints and Dsquared spine heels. I say appropriated, other might say steal. Whatever

H.G. Wells wrote a million years ago that "nature never appeals to intelligence until habit and instinct are useless", and I find that the same may be said for the unending cycles of influences on fashion. The original concepts become reborn and then die in flames of irrelevance only to be born again after a sufficient amount of time has passed to then be sold to a new audience. I'm just pleased that while I'm an eternity late in internet time regarding the Rodarte collection I'm light years ahead in "rocking" the wood trend. I'm not rocking anything....just trying to detract from my Macedonian calves.
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