Sunday, November 14, 2010

White as RRIICCEE: An Evening with Vincent Gallo

Out of the roughly 100 people attending the RRIICCEE concert nearly all of us were Caucasian except for two Asians spotted near the front of the stage talking at the end of the encore-less show. There were also quite a few people that looked like they were on dates; which unless you met on personals this is a fairly inappropriate show to spend money on trying to get ass. A few interesting points about the show:

1. People didn't clap after the first two songs because apparently they thought they were viewing a Marina Abramovic piece.

2. There was absolutely no photography allowed per Gallo's "Insanity Rider". The interns working at Lincoln Hall were as vigilent as the guards at Auschwitz. Surprisingly, no one attempted to be a rulebreaker, but that could've been influenced by point #3.

3. Gallo performed a la Jim Morrison via Kathi Wilcox of Bikini Kill, that is, with HIS BACK TURNED on the audience nearly the entire set. I considered yelling, "GROW UP!" at the performer formerly known as Prince Vince, but realized that if he mentioned that I paid my hard earned dollars for this horse hockey; I'd cry. Big nickel and dime tears too.
4. No encore.

5. He covered "Moon River" by Henry Mancini. It was one of those moments that was so gorgeous and utterly perfect until my mind was invaded with dialogue from the Sex and the City "I Heart NY" episode, and then it was ruined completely with images of Mr. Big and Carrie Bradshaw doing a contrived slow-motion dance together. Thanks a lot modern girl memory.
This is what the RRIICEE show could have looked like if the Belvedere Vodka spokesman could stop projecting a great wall of pain and isolation to a roomful of people in black. Maybe I'm still harboring ill will after a sour ebay interaction where Mr. Gallo yelled at me to remove a test pressing of one of his records because he couldn't handle other people besides himself having one...I believe I responded with, "you must have an awful lot of time since yr not making movies to look for yourself on ebay".
Whatever. The end result of the show was everything I imagined it could possibly be and I do mean that in the most sincere way possible. Afterall, I'm the one who got Brown Bunny-ed forking over the dough to see his Highness jack off his guitar. I only wish I would have had the guts to have sounded my air horn in both protest and delight in seeing a grown man croon the phrase, "Honey bunny" and "Love me forever". Mr. Gallo, the first step in opening yourself up to love is facing those who adore you.
It's true,
Gallo photos: owned by him, I'm sure.
Bikini Kill photo: owned by some former riot grrrl, I'm sure.


  1. Wow. Wouldn't it be fun to throw a tampon at him? I nearly did that to a boring opening act once,but I was afraid of getting kicked out.

  2. I love the Bikini Kill reference. :) Fashion and feminism, very very nice.

  3. SW: Thank you so much for checking out my junk..I look forward to your writing everyday! The only other time I wanted to throw something at a band was an incredibly bad YeahYeahYeahs performance about 6 years ago, but all I had was make-up and we know how much that shit costs!

    Flow: It seems as though my riot grrrl roots are showing again after many years of being dormant! I hope the good and not the bratty ones though!!!